Stamped concrete

Homeowners, builders and designers recognized the value in using decorative concrete in their designs. Concrete no longer has to be plain, and boring. Stamp or pattern concrete can be a beautiful and eclectic element to showcasing your home’s driveways, patios, sidewalks and even interior floors. With a wide variety of colours and stains and patterns, stamp concrete can be a cheaper and realistic alternative to the real thing.

Exposed aggregate

Exposed finishes are highly versatile and contrast beautifully with other decorative finishes, letting you achieve spectacular effects at a reasonable cost. The surface is durable and rugged and resistant to heavy traffic and weather extremes. Limited maintenance is required, other then sealing every few years. Like all concrete, colours and stains can be applied to add to the overall look.

Stained concrete

Staining concrete is a popular application for transforming new and old concrete into a unique outcome that can be achieved by combining different applications techniques and colours. Results are only limited by the creativity of those involved in the staining process. This application can be used on driveways,patios, sidewalks and especially floors.

Broom finish

Broom concrete is extremely durable and can add a artful addition to your homes exterior. Broom finish is the most commonly used form in both commercial and residential construction.  Concrete finishers have been brooming concrete for about as long as there has been concrete. Meant for traction, broom finishes can also have a design that is created by the technique of the person finishing the concrete. Colors and stains can also be used to enhance the look of the project.


Once you concrete project is installed and complete, weather it is decorative or broomed concrete, protecting and properly maintaining your concrete will keep it looking amazing and extend the life of your slab. Sealing concrete can also rejuvenate older existing concrete to bring back faded colors.


The advantage of concrete floors, basements, garages and shops, is the design versatility they offer. Not only can concrete floor be colored and stained, you can have a variety of textures and patterns that can be used.


When planning  concrete stairway, making sure functionality is above flair. The most important dimensions are the tread depth and the riser height, which should accommodate the average person's stride

Preparation of driveways, sidewalks and patios

Preparing driveways, sidewalk and patios, Complete Concrete has a strict set of rules that must be follow to reduce cracking and heaving, Medicine hat and the surrounding areas are exposed to freeze thaw cycles that can greatly effect the life and look of your project.

When excavating the area for a new driveway 20 - 25 cm ( 8 -10 inches ) will be dug out and 10 - 13 cm (4 - 5 inches ) of 19 mm ( 3/4 inches ) of packed road crush will be placed for a sound substrate for the concrete.

10 mm ( 3/8 inch ) re bar at 457 mm ( 18 inch ) on center will be placed and drilled into the foundation of your home for added strength and durability.

Complete Concrete only uses the best and the strongest when pouring a slab. Recommended for driveways and garage floor in particular, 32 mpa type 10 or type 50 concrete will be used to maximize the strength of your project.

Last but not least, control joints will be cut into the slab no more than 10 feet apart. Because cracking can occur, these cuts relieve the stress that the slab is under, hopefully preventing or minimizing cracking.

After the driveway is finish, applying a curing agent is extremely important and keeping the slab wet for a week will also insure the strength of your concrete.

Right from excavation to the final product, Complete Concrete can handle it for you.